About NEJM Catalyst

Health care delivery is in the midst of a major transformation around quality, cost, and access. NEJM Catalyst brings health care executives, clinician leaders and clinicians together to share innovative ideas and practical applications for enhancing the value of health care delivery.

Ideas and Innovations You Can Use

NEJM Catalyst brings insightful articles and real-life examples from a network of top thought leaders, experts and advisors to provide:

  • Practical innovations in health care delivery— innovations in your organization with actionable ideas on important topics affecting the rapidly changing health care industry, including care redesign and patient engagement.
  • Impeccable quality and impact—Setting new standards via selective, relevant insights and information from highly regarded experts.
  • Active contributions from renowned authorities, thought-leaders and advisors—Prominent experts and influential opinion leaders from provider organizations across the globe come together to offer personal perspectives and experiences on the transformation of health care.
  • Independent and impartial curation—Unbiased, objective content presents new thinking and cutting-edge strategies without the influence of outside interests.
  • An exchange of ideas among executives and clinicians—Executives, clinician leaders, and clinicians from across the health care community share ideas and perspectives on ways to advance health care delivery in these challenging but opportunity-filled times.

Meet the People Behind NEJM Catalyst

Developed by NEJM Group, NEJM Catalyst, in conjunction with its Founding Advisor, Dr. Tom Lee, M.D., has carefully selected a team of Lead Advisors and Thought Leaders from across a variety of disciplines. These experts share their perspectives and offer solutions to meet your organization’s most urgent challenges.

Packed With Powerful Information

Continuously published, original content organized around broad themes reflecting important and critical issues impacting health care today. Current themes include:

  • New Marketplace
  • Care Redesign
  • Patient Engagement
  • Leadership

About NEJM Catalyst Insights Council

The Insights Council is comprised of a qualified group of executives, clinician leaders, and clinicians from organizations across the country who are involved with delivering health care to patients every day. The Council is surveyed on a regular basis and their collective input is aggregated, analyzed, and highlighted in our Insight reports.